Nickelodeon Executive Dies at 67

Orlando, FL

Nickelodeon executive Nora Nolasco has finally ended her long battle with lung cancer. She was 67.

Nora (then Nora Roberts) came to Nickelodeon at a time when the network was struggling to retain its identity. Content was being split among a number of cable channels, and forays into digital distribution were still in their infancy. Nora’s climb up the corporate ladder began after she circulated a memo describing a new parents first strategy, spearheaded by the digital release of Nickelodeon’s entire back library of shows, with the thinking that parents would want to show their children what they had watched at a similar age.

The success of this plan propelled Nora into the corporate spotlight, and she continued her ascent by creating new versions of classic Nickelodeon programs, such as New Family Double Dare, The Adventures of Pete, Pete, and Pete, Salute My Shorts, and Hey, Dudette!

Even after her cancer diagnosis, Nora declined time off from her duties. Inquiries regarding possible recovery were met with the terse, humorous reply I’m not holding my breath. Nora is survived by her husband, Douglas Nolasco; two children, Victoria and Douglas Jr.; and one grandchild.

According to her husband, a private memorial service for Nora will be held outside Orlando on Monday.