Musician, Father Dies in Robbery

Chicago, IL

Marten Scott, husband of former supermodel Mirielle Dusable–Scott, died in hospital today after being fatally shot during an attempted a bank robbery. He was 66.

Scott and Dusable met at a party when Dusable was working as a pornographic actress. At his urging, she left that industry in favor of modeling. They later married.

Scott wrote the music and lyrics for Dusable’s album Pop Like You Mean It, which was widely panned by critics in America, but sold extremely well in Catalonia, Spain, where the couple eventually moved. At the onset of the Spanish Civil War, they returned to America, and Scott lived in Chicago until his death.

Scott is survived by his wife Mirielle and eight children—Alice, Adrien, Nicholas, Rachael, Édouard, Gabriel, Samantha, and Gregory.

A memorial service is scheduled for Monday during which—in accordance with Scott’s wishes—the urn containing his remains will be dropped into Lake Michigan from a helicopter.