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e-dt corrigenda

The current version of Easily-Distracted Tales is 1.0.1, dubbed Floricomous Feline. If your book has all patches applied, you may print out the following image and paste it onto the title page, above the title. Failure to do so may result in your book eating you.

Astronomy Cat says that version 1.0.1 is stellar!

To update a 1.0 version to a 1.0.1, perform the following:

  • On page i, insert the word “am” so that the first sentence begins “I am about to tell you, the reader, […]”
  • On page 98, change the words “They way they work […]” to “The way they work […]”
  • On page 101, remove the second consecutive occurrence of “went to the” so that the sentence reads “Do you remember the time when we went to the butterfly gardens?” (Alternatively, you may stet this text, and consider the character to have stuttered.)
  • On page 131, change the only occurrence of the name Tim to Alex. No one in this story is named Tim. No one anywhere is named Tim.