The Vanishing Mediator

Having fun on the internet.


A play by Chris/0 and EJ Massa

Informational Acquisition Occurs Here

This is a play we wrote for the ΑΨΩ (ρκ Cast) Annual Show in 24 Hours. We are both members of Alpha Psi Omega, and we have a lot of fun each year staying up far too late pecking at a computer screen, then trying to memorize lines from another play while half asleep. We have decided to make the script available under a license that allows redistribution, free performances, and paid performances without seeking the permission of the copyright holders. Who, in this case, are us. All we ask in return is that you don’t change it (because we like how it turned out) and that you tell people that we wrote it (specific attribution requirements are spelled out in the document itself).

Bob is a scientific comedy that features time-travel, twins, an indestructible robot maid, nuclear–cadium batteries, draft-dodging, the 10th edition of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, and maybe even some child-rearing tips. You've never laughed this hard at the predestination paradox. The lines are short and snappy, the jokes are frequent, and the babies are irradiated. Fueled by caffeine and a burning desire to be laughed at, this script was written overnight and performed the next evening. You will have more time to prepare for your performances, with any luck.

Commence Data Transfer over Internet Protocol

Bob, written by EJ Massa, Christopher Osborn

Statistical Analysis… Processing

The run time for this script is 10–15 minutes. There are five roles, all with lines. Role-by-role line breakdowns are included in the dramatis personæ of the script itself. Two roles are male, and three female.

Further Permissions

Permissions beyond those of the Creative Commons license may be requested. Do feel free to change gender references, minor set elements, &c. to fit your actors or staging. If you do feel the need to e-mail us—for permissions or for anything, really—please do so. We would love to know that our work is being performed.