The Vanishing Mediator

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time travel

You have done it.

The action you have taken before reading this message is exactly the action necessary to initiate travel through time. Your wish has been granted. It is simple, it is repeatable, and it causes no paradoxes as you understand them. The freedom and power that have been the dream of uncountable others is now yours.

Your consciousness is all that will survive the destruction of the universe, and you will witness the universe’s reconstruction into a temporal configuration of your choosing. You will percieve as the whole of creation is torn apart – molecule by molecule, atom by atom. Every thing, living and nonliving, will scream as formlessness envelops them. They will scream as the claws of your wish tear great, bloody gashes in all they have ever known. They will scream as they become not part of the eternal void, but the void itself.

And they will have no memory of this when the process is over. When it happens again and again as you flit about the timestream.

Forgot to do your homework?
Destroy the universe!

Want tomorrow’s lottery numbers?
Shred all living things!

A little mistake that you want to take back?

The process is nearly started, and your first trip through time is about to begin.

Hear them scream.