The Vanishing Mediator

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“Now, there are four directives.”

Protect the swords.
“Do not break them, do not even think about letting one of the swords come under any attack. Only act defensively. Regardless of whether the sword is in my or the enemy’s hands, you must be extra careful.”
Protect me.
“Even though the goal is to collect the swords, if I die, it will all be in vain. You must protect me from any injuries or wounds.”
Protect yourself.
“This is not me being considerate of you. In collecting all of the swords, we will be shown no mercy. If you’re injured while collecting one sword, obtaining the next one will be incredibly difficult.”
Protect yourself.
“This… is me being considerate of you. This will be a perilous journey, but please don’t die. Understand? I don’t want to hear that you won’t do it, so just say that you understand.”

刀語 (Sword Story) by 西尾 維新 (NisiOisiN)