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some A Very Potter Musical statistics

A chart depicting the fall in views per part over time of A Very Potter Musical.

It’s clear to see that YouTubers tend not to stick around for very long, even for one of the funniest things on the internet. Though the lowest part’s 1.5 million viewers is still an admirable number, it positively pales in comparison to the first part’s 8.5 million.

There are four notable outliers to the general downward trend:

  1. Act 1, Part 11
  2. Act 2, Part 1
  3. Act 2, Part 5
  4. Act 2, Part 9

The last is the easiest to explain, and the relatively close Act 2, Part 8 helps: Viewers tried to skip to the ending. This assumption is not unreasonable, I feel. That Act 2, Part 1 contains “Part 1” could have confused some viewers into thinking it was the beginning, as well.

The remaining two parts may simply have some fan-favorite moments in them. Act 2, Part 5 features a four-part harmony among the main protagonists and a kiss between two of them. Act 1, Part 11 is largely taken up by one song, “Granger Danger“. This does feature one of Draco Malfoy’s few singing instances, so it may be an outlier in that sense… however, Hermione Granger’s strapless ballgown is a more likely reason.

(Personally, Act 1, Part 11 contains one of the best, most memorable lines in the whole piece. “Squirt? Ugh. Never mind – I’ll stay dehydrated!”)