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Please enjoy another video that I have written in the hope that it will get more people to laugh, and maybe buy my book. What was the word I used last time? Advertising? More like Entertainmentising! Entertizing. Entainmentising… Enterprising…?


It was a heck of a lot of fun to make, and I look forward to many more. You’ll see their names in the video, but I’d nevertheless like to thank Andrew Wilkins, Michael Hyde, Amy Castonguay, and Elena A. I’d also like to thank EJ Massa for being both a camera and a cruel taskmaster. The video was periodically difficult to edit because some idiot kept on shouting “Action!” and “Cut!” at the actors. It appears that idiot’s name is Christopher Osborn.

Furthermore, I announce with a grand “Achievement Unlocked” that Easily-Distracted Tales is now available for sale on the Apple iBookstore. Another way that you can buy it, if you are so inclined.