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tales in print

Well, this is it.

The culmination of what began as a way of venting frustration at a NaNoWriMo novel that turned into bullshit before the first chapter was even complete.

The final product of what went on for twice as long as my “pie-in-the-sky” goal, and twenty-five times as long as my “realistic” goal.

If you are looking for an easy distraction, let me suggest my book—Easily-Distracted Tales. It is now available for purchase here or by clicking the new image at the top of the left column over there. (Over there. Closer, warm… hot… boiling! There we go.) All further details may be found on that page.

Now will begin an aggressive ad campaign. Where my personal definition of “aggressive” is roughly equivalent to the phrase “as much as I can stand.” However, I think I have a real thing going, here. And a longtime partnership has erupted into a second, simultaneous creative endeavor. I ought to have more details on that before the summer is out. Regardless, I promise that it will have fewer words.

As always, please look forward to it.