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Here, in fact, is one of the treats that was played during the intermission of the podcast interview.

It is a dramatic recreation of one of the Easily-Distracted Tales tales, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It’s often fun to get a second draft at things. (Comedic recreation? Reading with sound effects?)

This was originally created for the Machine of Death Talent Show. Someday, I will have to learn how to animate. The response I received from the organizers of the show (and the book itself) have led to a backupportunity, as well. One I am very excited about.

Additionally, they have publicly announced solicitation of submissions for a second volume of Machine of Death, and details are available for casual or serious perusal. I encourage any of you who are write-oriented to read what they are looking for and consider submitting. There could be a cool $200.00 in it for you, in addition to recognition and an audience. Whichever you consider to be more important, I hope the choice is an easy one.