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a clean start

Earlier today, I made a joke that I was going to explode. (I am reasonably certain that I did not do so, however.) Then I listened to an interview with John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.

This is the result.

remember to bleach the blood from the carpet
before it sets into a stain.
and pluck out the sharp, white shards of skull
that have embedded themselves in the drywall.

don’t leave those bones lying out on the floor
where the ants can find them.
and you probably shouldn’t turn on the heater
until you account for every inch of intestine.

make sure when you move away from this house
to escape the terrible memory
that I’ve already left long, long before you.
and leave for the people who live in it next
a clean start.

even though my end was anything but,
i’m sure they deserve a clean start.