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Progress is progressing!

That is an encouraging statement, for the record.

Text proofs have arrived back from the printer, and they look… pretty darn good. I was shocked when I first saw them. Crisp, black ink. Bright, white paper. Painfully rough stand-in cover design? Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

The most surprising part was that the book had weight.

Now begins the process of making sure I don’t embarrass myself when I put this weighty object into people’s hands. I did a reasonable job with the text—I’ve only discovered minor errors so far. The margins need a tweak, and I’ll be adjusting some lines so that words don’t break across a page turn quite as annoyingly. It’s the sort of thing you don’t notice when pages scroll from one to the next.

Illustrations are also amazing. They have no weight, but I was nevertheless amazed when I saw them. Here is a sample of one of them. I just wish I could remember which story this is meant to complement…

A man raises a jug of syrup on the cover of an old video game.

As always, please look forward to it.