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An Easily-Dist—Wait, I Don’t Have To Type That for This One

Thank you to everyone who read along as I pumped words into a sentence machine for later uploading onto the insect that we pretend is a collection of computers called the internet.

I plan to make these stories into a book. The process is further along than I expected, due to an unusually productive weekend. All the Tales you’ve read here will be in the book, with only minimal editing. Some things were too egregious to let stand, though. Did you know I misspelled modus operandi as “modis operandi” in the original publication of “hopping lightly”? That doesn’t even make sense, as “-us” is the nominative suffix for this word. It’s a second declension… uh…

Right. I don’t have to do that anymore. OK, deep breath. There we go.

Thankfully, it was only a typo. That, for example, is fixed.

Additionally, there will be five Bonus Tales That Nobody Asked For in the book that have not yet been published on this webzone. The three that are written (I told you it was an unusually productive weekend) are as follows:

  • “the resolution of miss serena rapp”
  • “astronomy cat: a play in real-time for production companies with overbudgeted lighting departments that feel capable of attracting forgiving audiences”
  • “hearing her language”

And two more to come, if math still works.

Since I wrote 50 Tales, this means that 10% of the book will be new content! Hang on a sec, I have to count the new ones in the total, don’t I?

5 / 55 = 9.09%


Oh, wait! There’s a prologue, as well. That should be moderately entertaining, not like the acknowledgements section.

6 / 56 = 10.71%


As time passes, I will post periodic updates on the process because it amuses me to do so. I will be getting proofs, hiring a cover artist, printing fun extras, and maybe more, even.

Why go through with all that, when I could just print a PDF of the website and call it done? Because this is worth finishing, and I will not do it by halves. If I were going to do that, I’d have stopped long ago. The reward for my hard work appears to be more hard work. But, in this case, I think I’m OK with it.

Please look forward to that. And thank you again.