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proof of concept

Look, an update! Just as I said I would.

Man, it feels weird not to be writing on Tumblr every day.

In any case, all of the bonus Tales for the book are now completed. Including one that is approximately 7,500 words long. Despite my initial trepidation at such a long form, I think it turned out… pretty great, to be quite honest. So that makes five Bonus Tales, and they comprise more than 10% of the book’s content by word count. Which is fine, I’m sure.

I am pleased to announce that my friend and confidant EJ Massa has agreed to provide interior illustrations for the book. He’s currently nearing the end of a challenge similar to my own, though probably more rigorous. He has created a comic every day (not just work days) for the last… around 330 days, I think? With the challenge ending at the beginning of April. So, please do go check him out. He’s quite funny.

This is only step one of our master plan for taking over the wor—I mean, convergence! Comedic convergence, that is. But that plan involves the nebulous future, so we shall focus on more temporal matters for the time being.

I am still in the process of hiring a cover artist, as my ability to do so is, sadly, handcuffed by how often my job pays me (which is less often than they ought to, for the record). When such a thing occurs, I will be sure to say so.

Having finished the bonus Tales, the book’s interior layout, and a rough (very rough) cover design (painfully rough), I have sent off for proofs from a printing service called Lulu. This should allow me to find and correct a suitable number of my typos, though I will always find One More Typo after it is Too Late To Fix It. This is but one way that the universe tortures me.

I wanted to give a special book preview here, but then I decided that I didn’t want to. But then I realized that I should. But then I realized that I don’t care. But then I realized that I like basking in my own achievements. So the preview you get is from the Table of Contents. Here is the complete list of titles of the un–asked for bonus tales that will appear in the final book.

  • “the resolution of miss serena rapp”
  • “astronomy cat: a play in real-time for production companies with overbudgeted lighting departments that feel capable of attracting forgiving audiences”
  • “hearing her language”
  • “when in doubt, paint it red”
  • “nothing hurts machine”

As always, please look forward to it.