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An Easily-Distracted Tale by Chris/0

Waking up to discover that your body is made of metal would be an unpleasant and disorienting situation, I am sure.

I have never been in such a situation.

When I woke up, I was in someone else’s body. The fact that it was made of metal didn’t register with me until later, after I’d woken up. So it’s a completely different situation.

Unpleasant? Yes. Disorienting? Yes.

The same? No.

My thinking has been somewhat binary like that since it… happened. Whatever “it” is. Though, when I concentrate, I realize that it makes no sense. I am still the same… Ah, hell. The same “spirit” as I always was. Simply being in the body of some kind of robot or android doesn’t mean that I’m going to start slowly losing my humanity as I adapt to this new form.


No, noticing that “my” body was made of metal took longer to than I care to admit. It wasn’t very long, but still longer than &c, &c. The first thing I noticed was that the body is female. Well, as female as an android body can be. Which is pretty female, frankly, not that such things are on a sliding scale.

This is, itself, neither good nor bad. I suppose. Not by comparison, at least.

I feel as though I’m starting more to wallow in self-pity than to describe my situation. Though, maybe that’s a good sign. After all, what behavior is more human than wallowing in self-pity? But, no, no. Focus.

After I had settled down from the initial panic, I began to examine my surroundings.

Cold. Clinical. Industrial. A laboratory, but not the chemistry kind, with bubbling beakers and tubes everywhere. The kind that could clearly have built a body like this one.

There was only one window in the whole, large room. It was inset into a wall high up in one corner. Too high to jump, I thought, but I remembered that I was basing that on an assumption that may be false.

It was not too high.

From a standing start, I was able to jump… at least three times my height straight up, and grabbed at the edge of the window. Holding myself there effortlessly, I looked out into the city.


I was in Korea.

I hadn’t been. I had been in… where do I live? Why can’t I remember? Doesn’t matter. I’m in Korea now.

I could tell because the buildings were covered in Korean writing. It’s called Hangul. Unlike Chinese (or Japanese, which descended from Chinese), it is a writing system that spells out words with letters, like in English, Spanish, French, and the like. The letters are called jamo, and there are currently 24 of them. Korean writing can look like Chinese, kind of, but the resemblance is only superficial. The letters are composed into syllabic blocks for space efficiency, and there are specific rules about what letters go where when that’s done.

It’s a very recent writing system, actually. It was developed in only the mid-15th Century, and has changed very little since then. The king Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty commissioned the language to be created because Chinese was too difficult for the lower classes to learn. It is said of the jamo that A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days. The anniversary of its creation is celebrated in South Korea each year on 09 October as Hangul Day.

I don’t actually know any Korean, but maybe—since this body was manufactured here—it’s somewhere in… in my memory banks.

It’s still worth escaping either way.

I smashed the window and ran out into the cold night. I know it was cold because I have temperature sensors. I couldn’t actually feel it.

That should make me sad, or nostalgic, or something.

But, no.


Where is my real body now? Was it burned and destroyed? Is it being frozen for storage?

Does my fate lie in fire or ice?

I just want to be alone.

That’s why I’m at the bottom of this lake. It’s dark and quiet. And I’m unlikely to run into anyone else. Or, rather, just anyone. Since the people I’d run into would be humans, I can’t say “else.” I’m not a member of that set any longer.

I’m sure I’m either nuclear or solar powered, but I haven’t figured out how to determine my battery charge yet. I’ll have to surface eventually—in case it’s solar—but for now…

I just want to be alone.